Nivea sensitive shave balm. The new It-primer?


nivea 1

Almost everyone on social media has been saying that the Nivea sensitive shave balm is the new IT-primer. So I put it to the test. If you want to know if it’s a really good primer than click on read more.


After seeing so many youtubers using this product I had to try it out myself. I saw it first on NikkieTutorial youtube channel. She used it as a primer because the primary ingredient is glycerin. This ingredient helps to make sure your foundation sits better on your skin. It has no alcohol in it. So it’s not going to irritate and dry out your skin.

The packaging of the product is very simple. It’s a white ceramic bottle. It’s very heavy though.


The product itself is very liquid. So it’s not your typical primer that is creamy and thick. It does have a “men” scent to it, but I don’t mind that. It does go away after you apply it. It does contain perfume. So if your skin is very sensitive be careful. My skin is also sensitive but I didn’t had any problems with it.


It feels good on the skin and it gives you a nice sheen. This sheen comes through the foundation, which gives you a beautiful glow from within. I mean who doesn’t love a glow from within. What I also noticed is the durability of your makeup. I found out when I applied this primer everything lasted longer on my skin. My blush and highlighter did not fade away until I removed it myself that evening.

If you’re looking for a primer that helps with your pores than this is not for you. It does nothing for the pores but you could apply a second primer specifically for your pores. I tried it and you can use 2 different primers.

All it’s left to say is that it’s a awesome primer for the price point. € 7.49 for 100 ml/4 oz. You can’t beat that knowing that we pay € 30.00 for a primer that only has 30 ml/1 oz.

Price: € 7.49

Where to find this product.



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