Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow products.



Well, my lovely readers. Today’s post will be a personal opinion about the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products. These include the Brow wiz, The tinted brow gel and the Clear brow gel. If you want to know what my thoughts about them are, then click on read more. 

I want to start saying that I have used the brow wiz and the clear brow gel much longer then the tinted brow gel. But do not worry. I will give you, my sweet readers, my most honest opinion about them.

Let’s start with the brow wiz, shall we?

The brow wiz is a eyebrow pencil with a very fine point that makes it very easy to draw fake brow hairs. It’s also mechanical. Which is also easy, because you don’t need a sharpener. If you are anything like me than you know that we loose our sharpener every time.

brow wiz 4

Brow wiz soft brown

It has a spoolie on the other end and a very good one. This will help you to blend out the product and to make it look “natural”.

I love IT. I mean, this brow product really makes my life in makeup and brows very easy. It’s so fine that you could draw fine, “real” brow hairs, it’s also easy to wipe away when you make a mistake.

Now about the clear brow gel.


Clear brow gel

What can I say. It’s glue for your brows. It has a big brush. You could say that it looks like a mascara brush. Which actually makes it easy to cover a bigger area at ones. It makes sure that your hair’s don’t fly away in the wind. I mean my brows have a life of their own and if your’s is anything like mine, you know that we need a good heavy duty glue to keep them in their place.

At last but not least. Let’s talk about the tinted brow gel.


Tinted Brow gel Granite

I said I will give you my honest opinion about the products. As I said in the beginning, I just bought this product on tuesday. I already applied it twice. In this very, very short time I do know that it’s a awesome.

Now let me tell you why I think it’s awesome. This product will give you nice brows with no effort at all. If you want to go out to the store or you feel like wearing very minimal makeup, then this will help you out. Because when we apply a pencil it could look to much, if you know what I mean. With the tinted brow gel, you just go over the hair’s and give them more shape and color and you’re good to go. It’s as easy as that.

What I do want to say is that the tinted brow gel will apply to your hair’s and not on your skin. So make sure you buy a tinted brow gel in your color. My brow wiz is lighter than my brows. Well, it’s warmer. I bought the medium brown brow wiz before this one and I felt that it could look very harsh on me, because I do use a black mascara and a black liner on my eyes. When my eyes are very catchy then it could look too harsh.


up: soft brown; under: medium brown

So I bought the soft brown this time and I like how it looks with my skin. It blends way better with my makeup then it did before. You’re capable to combine the brow wiz and the tinted brow gel together. This will make them look much harder, but if that’s your thing then go for it.

Of course, you have to go to the store and test it out for yourself.  Look at the warmth of the product. Just test it out and check what suits you better.  A more ashy undertone or a more warm undertone. Just ask the saleswomen or men and I’m sure they will help you look for YOUR perfect color.

You pay €28,90 for each of the products. You get 0,086 gr/0,003 oz for the brow wiz, 9 gr/0,32 oz for the tinted brow gel and 7,93 gr/0,28 oz for the clear brow gel. The price of these products are expensive in store in Belgium, but you pay way less in the states or online.

I hope this helped you out wether you want to buy one of these products.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment. I love to read it and it’s a great way to chat. Leave me your opinion. Like I said. Everyone’s taste is different.

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