My favorite Brushes: Part 1 – Eye brushes

Hello sweeties. I thought I would talk about my all time favorite brushes. These include Zoeva, Sigma and Real Techniques. I will show you more than 1 of each brush and tell you which one is my favorite. Today I’m going to start with the eye brushes. So if you want to know which brushes I love to use then click on read more.I like to start by saying that in the beginning of my makeup experience I purchased some cheap brushes on ebay. I thought that they would do the same what a expensive brush would do. I was a little wrong. Thou some of the brushes I still use, but the majority of those brushes I already throughout. They started to shed and give their color when I washed them. Most of the brushes are made in China. Now I know what could happen to your eyes and face by using cheap brushes. So I started to spend more money on good brushes and use them for much longer.

Now this said, I would like to start with my favorite eye brushes. I have quit a bit of them. Don’t worry. I will give you in depth information about each and one of them.

Blender brushes:

I think I have the most blender brushes then anything. If you are someone who does their makeup frequently you know that we need to keep a lot of them in our side.

Sigma E40 – Tapered Blender: This brush is for sure my most favorite blender brush. It blends out the eyeshadows so good. I doesn’t need to much pressure to blend out the product. It has a good size so I think every eye shape can use this brush. It’s stiff when you purchase it, but after washing it several of times, it get’s fluffier so much better to blend. €13,93

Hema blender brush: This is a brush I purchased so long ago. I really don’t know how long it’s been in my makeup brush set. This is my all time favorite blender brush. It’s fluffy, not too big and not too small. It suits so well into the crease of my eye. The problem I have with this brush is the fact that it’s not soft. It can sting you and because of that reason I don’t use this brush on clients. I only use it for my personal use. € 3,00

Zoeva 228 – Luxe crease brush: The 228 is very similar to the Sigma E40. The Zoeva is little bit shorter and more dens. I like them both. I think the Zoeva one is a bit softer. It’s going to give you a precise blend. € 7,80

Zoeva 221 Luxe soft crease brush: This brush is a much more fluffy. When I use this brush I get a more softer blend. € 7,80

Sigma E25 Blending: This brush is also a blending brush but a more define one. It will give you more control on where you want to blend your eyeshadow. This brush is specifically very nice on people who have small eyes. It’s not that big so you won’t get your eyeshadow underneath your eyebrows. You could pack on eyeshadow in the crease and slightly blend it out to give you a more softer look. As you can see in the picture it has a side where it’s more flat and that will give you the chance to place an eyeshadow. € 12,21

Zoeva 227 – Luxe soft definer: This brush is very similar to the E25 brush of Sigma. I do prefer the Zoeva one because it’s a bit fluffier. It gives me a more softer look. I have more control of the brush. It’s also less dens. € 7,80

Real Techniques base shadow brush: This brush has a point. Which makes it perfectly fit for your crease or if you don’t have a crease, to create one then. If you just apply the product on the tip of it, then the sides of the brush will blend out the product for you. It has been pressed flat so you can use this brush to put on eyeshadow on your lid or outer crease. It’s very similar to the Zoeva and the Sigma brushes. It only has a point on the end. If you like that then I would go for a Real Techniques brush. $ 11,93 only available in set.

Shader Brushes

Zoeva 234 Luxe smoky shader: This brush is your basic shader brush to apply eyeshadow on your lid. There is not that much I can tell you about this brush. I think you guys know what a shader brush does. This brush has a perfect size. So it will fit every eye. € 7,80

Zoeva 233 cream shader: The cream shader brush is synthetic. This is good when you use your eyeshadow wet. It’s much longer then your basic synthetic brush, but I don’t mind that. I do find my self reach for it quit often. € 7,80

Sigma Eye shadow base: This brush came with the flare eyeshadow base set. It’s a good all around synthetic brush. You can not go wrong with it. $ 16,00

Zoeva 220 Luxe grand shader: I love to use this brush to cover my whole eyelid. I like to use this brush when I applied my concealer on my eyes and I want to put on a setting powder on top of it. It has a huge brush so makes it easy to cover a whole area. € 8,80

Pencil Brushes

Zoeva 230 Luxe pencil: This is your basic pencil brush. I use this brush to create a sharp V line in my crease or to put some eyeshadow on my lower lash line. I have the Sigma E30 pencil brush as well but I do prefer the Zoeva one. Why? Because the Zoeva one is much more softer. The Sigma one stings me. I don’t know if that is only with my brush but I don’t like to use brushes that sting and hurt me on my lower lash line. € 7,80

Zoeva 231 Luxe petit crease: This is a bigger pencil brush. I really love this brush. It’s the brush for when I want to blend out my cut crease without taking the color everywhere. It’s the perfect size for your inner corners. €7,80

Eyeliner brushes

Sigma E 05 eyeliner: This eyeliner brush is just so good. It has such a pointy point. It always stays the same shape. You can create a very fine line and a very thick line. This brush will give you amazing precision. You can do anything with it. You also can pin point conceal with it. $ 14,00

Zoeva 317 wing liner: This is a angled liner brush. I don’t really use this to do my whole eyeliner but rather use it to create my wing. Because it’s so fine and dens it will give you a nice sharp line at the corner. € 6,80

Concealer brushes

Real Techniques accent brush: This brush is amazing to conceal small areas. It’s also good to use at the inner corners of your eyes. To give them more accent. $ 11,93 only available in set.

Real Techniques detailer brush: This brush is also amazing to use with concealer. I love this one with a creamier concealer. Because it has a bigger brush surface it’s not easy to blend thick concealers. $ 12,89 only available in set.

RR Cosmetics 07: This brush has a very fine brush. It’s very small so it makes it very easy to pin point conceal. You can conceal the smallest blemish with this brush. I really don’t know where you can buy this one. I bought it several years ago on ebay.

Zoeva 142 concealer buffer: I don’t use this brush to concealer under my eyes or on my face, but I use this brush on my eyes itself to blend out my eyeshadow base. It’s the perfect brush for that. It’s round and that makes it easy to blend out the product. € 8,80

I love to use every one of them. These are my favorite brushes of all time. I don’t own any mac brushes but I don’t need to. The brushes that I have do it for me. I do own more then one of almost every eye brush. I don’t have always the time to clean my brushes or I need to use 2 of the same brushes with 2 different colors.

I hope this review helped you out. If you are interested to buy one of these brushes I will leave the links for them down below.  Tell me what your favorite brushes are. Leave me a comment. I like to talk to you guys.

Where to buy:

Sigma E40 tapered blending

Hema blender brush

Zoeva 228 luxe crease

Zoeva 221 luxe soft crease

Sigma E25 blending brush

Zoeva 227 luxe soft definer

Real Techniques starter set

Zoeva 234 luxe smoky shader

Zoeva 233 cream shader

Sigma eye shadow base

Zoeva 220 luxe grand shader

Zoeva 230 luxe pencil

Zoeva 231 luxe petit crease

Sigma E05 eyeliner brush

Zoeva 317 wing liner brush

Real Techniques core collection set

Zoeva 142 concealer buffer









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